Watch the video below to view some highlights of how we fabricate a porcelain crown in the office while you wait. This great NEW technology eliminates the need for second appointments to fit your crown.

Dr. Justin Short of Des Peres Dentistry has just built a beautiful new office centrally located at Manchester and highway 270 to help better serve his patients more efficiently. One of the biggest investments to better serve their patients was to purchase a Cerec CAD CAM technology, allowing them to complete all porcelain restorations and crowns in just 1 visit to the office!

What is a Cerec?
Cerec is the brand name of the machine that allows Dr. Short to fabricate all porcelain crowns in-office, in 1 visit. This translates to less post op sensitivity, no gagging on nasty impression material, better quality control for the dentist, no temporaries coming off at the worst times, and best of all you do not have to come back to the dental office for a second visit. No more taking off work, or having to find a babysitter for a second visit.

How do Cerec crowns and restorations compare to lab made crowns?
Cerec technology is one of the most researched dental technologies out there. In fact most dental labs today use the technology in their labs, but instead of scanning the teeth right in the office, they are scanning the impressions your dentist sends them. Before purchasing the Cerec machine for his office Dr. Short, was purchasing the same exact crowns from his lab. They are as strong and as beautiful as the crowns dental labs make.

“I have followed Cerec technology for almost 10 years now, just waiting for the technology to get to the point where I could confidently say I would prefer a Cerec restoration in my own mouth. Is it the right choice for every restoration we do in our office? No, but it is about 90% of the time. Who wouldn’t want to be all done with their crown procedure in one visit, and skip the nasty impressions, and avoid having to wear a temporary for 2-3 weeks. As in all things we do in our office it comes down to how we would want to be treated ourselves. That is why we try to go above and beyond for our patients. We know they have plenty of choices of which dental office to choose, and we do not take it for granted when they choose us over the 10 other offices within a 5 mile radius. We do our absolute best to do exceptional work with kindness and honesty, and Cerec was just one more way to offer our patients the best dentistry has to offer.” - Dr. Short