Heather is our Office Manager and has been with Des Peres Dentistry since December 2013. She grew up in St. Charles, but lived in Springfield, MO for sixteen years managing other dental offices. She is married and has 3 wonderful boys to keep her busy. Her goals are to make you feel welcomed and to maximize your benefits and minimize your out of pocket expenses.


Amanda is one of our registered hygienist and has been with Des Peres Dentistry since 2010. Amanda is a gum disease ninja, and basks in the light of constantly hearing “That was the best cleaning I have ever had!” from patients. She enjoys gardening and expanding her dental skills in her free time.


Lauren is our other registered hygienist, and has been with Des Peres Dentistry since 2013. Lauren is also a gum disease assassin. Lauren is sure to make you feel at home, and blow you away in competing Amanda for giving you the best cleaning you have ever had!


Natalie is our dental assistant, and Doctor Short’s right-hand-woman. She has been with the practice for over 12 years. Natalie is an expert in all things dental, and she is sure to ensure your comfort during all procedures. Her 2 boys and husband keep her busy whenever she is not at the office.