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He was unhappy with his smile and needed a new dentist. He started researching dentists in St Louis that accept kids. He looked at the Smile Designer’s smile gallery on his iPad
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He called the STL Smile Designer’s office and booked an appointment. He can’t stop smiling and is telling all his friends and family. What are you waiting for? Call the STL Smile Designer today!

St. Louis Childrens’ Dentistry

Dr Short and FamilyWe love kids! We treat kids of all ages. We understand children have many different levels of tolerance when it comes to the dental office, and we always do our best to treat your kids just as we would our own.

You may have even heard Dr. Short featured on a recent “Ask the Expert” radio broadcast on children’s dentistry.
We are often asked: When should kids start going to the dentist? Although this varies, unless you notice something that concerns you, we usually recommend around age 3. Some times this visit is very productive and we are able to take a few x-rays and do a cleaning, but sometimes we just go over brushing and walk the child through the process of going to the dentist. It all depends on the child, and either way is fine with us. We were all kids once!